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We are passionate about Science and HPC technologies enthusiasts!

Our aim is to get the most out of supercomputing to provide solutions to yours engineering and scientific challenges.


A new arrival company in the field of supercomputing

HPCNow! helps scientists and engineers to solve complex problems in the field of High Performance Computing

Barcelona — March 22, 2013 — HPCNow!, the start-up company based in Barcelona, started its activities with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of supercomputing. HPCNow!, with its headquarters in Spain and office in New Zealand, offers its customers all kinds of solutions to take full advantage of HPC technologies, which have applications in every area imaginable, from defense to automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical or aerospace industries. 

The company's strength lies in its team, formed by three partners (David Tur, Alfred Gil and Jordi Blasco) capable of solving all kinds of scientific and engineering challenges because of their long careers and fascination for his work. "We are passionate about Science and HPC technologies enthusiasts” reads one of the slogans of the company. Another of the services of HPCNow! are training courses on demand, customized to the needs of each client.

The company has just taken in charge the HPC Knowledge Portal management, prestigious project to share a deep knowledge on installation and optimization of HPC applications.

About HPCNow!

HPCNow! provides its customers with solutions and technologies for dealing with most complex problems in High Performance Computing Science.

Visit for more information.
Connect with HPCNow! on Twitter (@HPC_Now), and LinkedIn.
Sant Joan de Malta, 29
08018 Barcelona - Spain

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