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We provide our background and expertise on Science and HPC technologies to improve your projects performance.

We aim to provide solutions to problems where others fail!


We have a wide experience in improving both the performance and scalability of any scientific software. Hence, we can work side by side with code developers in order to make their applications work best in any specific architecture.

Our experts have dealt with the installation (and use) of numerous scientific and engineering codes in a wide range of areas such as life sciences, chemistry, theoretical physics, automotive design and astronomy, achieving maximal performance.


We have a comprehensive knowledge of new hardware technologies and new software strategies that can provide you with the best solutions for your research. We are hardware and software agnostics, and for that reason we are able to get involved in public tenders as independent advisors. Before suggesting a hardware solution, we test your own code with representative benchmarks in several hardware configurations and we research the market in order to offer you the best value for money for your requirements.

One of the key features of HPCNow! is that we are experts in the field. We are confident of our suggested HPC solutions, and you can be sure that they will meet your expectations.


HPCNow! provides security solutions to cover the confidentiality needs of a number of industries, for example gas-oil, drug design, defense, automotive and financial companies. Besides setting up secure environments, we handle intrusion incidents and act where necessary to minimize damage.

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