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  • HPC Science

    HPC Now! are experts in HPC science and can design the perfect solution to cover all your needs, focusing on the most efficient performance.
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  • sNow! Cluster Suite

    sNow! is the most advanced suite based on Open Source software designed to manage and administrate HPC infrastructure.
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  • Tuning

    HPC Now! can speed up and tune your simulations to new limits.
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  • Cluster Administration

    Managing a supercomputer is not an easy job. HPC Now! has an impressive team of experts to solve all HPC-related problems.
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  • HPC Design

    HPC Now! is Hardware Agnostic and for that reason can become involved in public tenders as an impartial advisor.
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sNow! is an Open Source suite designed to manage large and mission critical High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. This suite has been developed and maintained since 2008 by the HPCNow! team who have extensive experience in the use, management and administration of HPC in scientific and engineering environments. sNow! is easy to use and installs software that provides all the necessary tools to deploy and operate a computing cluster such as the operating system, monitoring tools, cluster filesystem, batch queue system as well as parallel and scientific libraries.

sNow! is specifically designed to obtain the maximum performance from a cluster, allocating the most critical services in HPC environments into a High Availability and Load Balancing layer, providing resilience and scalability for the most critical and demanding HPC environments. In addition, the software offers the possibility to replicate, over the Internet, all the critical data and configuration settings required for disaster recovery.


HPCNow! provides its customers with solutions and technologies for dealing with most complex problems in High Performance Computing Science. The company has experts in several fields, capable of providing services which cover multiple areas such as cluster design, supercomputer administration and user support.

HPCNow! contributes to the development of open-source projects related to HPC and Large Scale Systems and manages the International Reference HPC Knowledge Portal.

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