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Barcelona,  October 22nd 2015 -- The Institut de Química Avançada de Catalunya (IQAC-CSIC) selects the sNow! suite, designed by the HPCNow! team, to manage its HPC infrastructure.

The IQAC-CSIC is a center created for researching excellence in the fields of basic chemistry, including biological chemistry, molecular modelilng, biomedical chemistry, chemical and biomolecular nanotechnology, and chemical and surfactants technology. The center owns an HPC infrastructure to provide the computational resources needed to develop the research projects. With the deployment of the sNow! suite the center will obtain a considerable improvement in the ease of management and administration of the supercomputing infrastructure.

sNow! is specifically designed to obtain the maximum performance from a cluster, allocating the most critical services in HPC environments into a High Availability and Load Balancing layer, providing resilience and scalability for the most critical and demanding HPC environments. In addition, the software offers the possibility to replicate over the Internet all the critical data and configuration settings required for disaster recovery. sNow! is easy to use and install all the software and tools necessary to operate and work with a cluster, such as the operating system monitoring tools, clustered filesystems, spoolers or mathematical libraries and parallelization.

The HPCNow! team was responsible for the installation of the sNow! suite in the management nodes and the configuration of services. Additionally, the team carried out the installation, debbuging, profling and benchmarking of scientific applications used by IQAC-CSIC.

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