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Barcelona, December 16th 2015 -- The Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA) selects the proposal submitted by Omega Peripherals and HPCNow! for the supply and installation of a Cloud system and a scientific visualization cluster.

The CESGA foundation is an institution linked to the Galician scientific community, the university system and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). The foundation promotes with its infrastructure, research projects and the development of information technologies by using high performance computing and communications.

The proposal by Omega Peripherals and the services offered by HPCNow! will allow CESGA to operate an infrastructure to provide Cloud computing and scientific visualization services that will cover multiple scientific and technical areas, complementing the already operating equipment.

The hardware of the Cloud system is based on 68 Intel servers and the electronic network needed to interconnect them The servers are equipped with 64 GB of memory, two 10 core Intel E5-2650 v3 processors, SAS disks and a 10 Gbe or 1 Gbe connectivity depending on the case.

Regarding the scientific visualization cluster, the solution is provided with ASUS servers that are equipped with 128 GB of memory, two 10 core Intel E5-2650 v3 processors, two 900GB SAS disks and a NVIDIA GRID K2 card.

The installation of the Centos 7 operating System in the Cloud nodes and the solution based on Citrix xenDesktop Enterprise in the visualization nodes in addition to the integration of the system in the CESGA’s operating environment was carried out by the HPCNow! team, which has an extensive experience installing servers in scientific environments.

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