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 Barcelona - 1 December, 2014 — HPCNow! announced Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) has selected BeeGFS high-performance file system for a converged infrastructure to accommodate ever-increasing storage needs of climate modeling results. The system has been designed and deployed by HPCNow!

As one of the most important climate centers in Southern Europe, IC3’s data infrastructure has been tailored to allocate climate model outputs and post-processing results, which are capable of generating up to 10 TB of data per week. The current solution is capable to achieve sustained 8GB/s aggregate write throughput, and 10GB/s aggregate read throughput. Moreover, the current 1 PB storage solution is designed to be seamlessly upgraded to 10 PB over the next two years in order to meet the research needs.

 As a mission critical service, IC3’s has arranged local support from HPCNow! and third-level support from ThinkParQ GmbH (a Fraunhofer spin-off).

Comment from Dr. Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes, ICREA Research Professor at Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) and Head of the Climate Forecasting Unit (CFU): “We have migrated our system from ZFS solution which could only grow vertically to a BeeGFS solution that can scale both vertically and horizontally. HPCNow! helped us in the deployment of this new solution having just one day of downtime. After evaluating several proposals we opted for BeeGFS because it fulfilled our needs with the lowest price. It is a very versatile solution which we will mainly use to store the output of our climate forecasting experiments which later will be postprocessed. It is also important that it is easy to manage as IT people’s time is also economically relevant. The solution is backed up with the support of ThinkParQ and the experience of HPCNow! These guys did an awesome work by managing to reutilise all the hardware we had from our previous storage solution.”

About IC3

The Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) is an independent, non-profit research center located in Barcelona and promoted by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia's Autonomous Government) within the CERCA network, a program of excellence in research that currently brings together more than 30 research institutions in one of the larger, if not the largest, scientific clusters in Southern Europe. IC3 is particularly unique in geographical terms because it is the first large-scope climate research center created in the Mediterranean Basin.

As an independently managed, public non-profit institution, IC3 was created to efficiently undertake top level research in the field of climate sciences, with a special geographical focus on the Mediterranean region, Latin America and Africa. Their vision is to be a unique institution by fully integrating biospheric processes in the next generation of climate information models and in doing so, becoming an international benchmark within their area. Their main objective is to contribute to generating and advancing knowledge about the climate by bridging the gap between the physics of the climate system and the complexity of the biosphere.

Why BeeGFS technology?

BeeGFS is the new name for the well known parallel filesystem FhGFS. FhGFS was developed at the Fraunhofer Institute in Kaiserslautern. It provides excellent performance and scalability – but combines it with ease of use, which is unique for a filesystem targeted at High Performance Computing. Additionally, it is extremely flexible and doesn’t lock users in with specific Linux distributions or kernel versions. With these key differentiators, BeeGFS is adopted in a large number of scientific and commercial sites as the default choice for a work-filesystem for HPC.

The distributed and mirrored metadata architecture are key components of BeeGFS. Both features contribute to the high level of scalability, flexibility and at the same time contribute to the resilience of the system.

BeeGFS is completely hardware agnostic and it does not require to have separated hardware for data and metadata servers. This provides key flexibility and growing capabilities that allow users to add as many storage and metadata servers as needed without downtime.

BeeGFS is provided free of charge. Professional commercial support is available directly from Fraunhofer (through ThinkParQ GmbH) and first and second level support from international partners like HPCNow!

About ThinkParQ

ThinkParQ GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Competence Center for HPC in Kaiserslautern to bring BeeGFS to the market. ThinkParQ supports system integrators creating turn-key solutions, is responsible for support, provides individual presentations on demand, organizes events, attends exhibitions and works very closely with system integrators.

About HPCNow!

HPCNow! provides its customers with technology and solutions to address complex issues in the field of high performance computing, data storage, and Big Data systems. HPCNow! can offer experts in services that span multiple areas, including cluster design and installation, supercomputer administration and deployment, and optimization of distributed file systems.

The company also offers training and consulting services for public and private companies in science and engineering sectors, providing its customers with the best solutions to get the most out of their systems and maximize the return of investment.

HPCNow! contributes to the development of open-source projects related to HPC, manages the open expertise sharing HPC Knowledge Portal ( and organizes the HPC Knowledge Meeting, a technical HPC annual meeting in Barcelona.

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