High degree of specialization and extensive experience

The use of supercomputing as a tool for solving problems in a wide variety of fields has grown exponentially in recent years. From its beginnings in the 80's and 90’s, when the owners of the first supercomputers were mainly public entities such as universities, research centres, or the military, their use in the private sector has grown significantly. Thus, HPC has become a highly valuable, even indispensable tool in many important companies in industries such as defence, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and/or aerospace.

This is the context in which HPCNow! was founded by three partners with wide experience in the management of high-performance computers and a thorough background in the use of scientific HPC codes. The company offers its expertise and knowledge with the aim of helping its customers to get the most out of HPC technologies by providing simple and efficient supercomputer usage.


HPC clusters installed


Users who have received HPC training


Satisfied customers in 15 different countries on 5 continents


Employees + 10 nationalities
speaking + 13 languages


Employees holding a Ph.D.


HPC Roles

Thanks to the high degree of specialization and extensive experience, administration and support services are taken care of down to the last detail, and incidents are assigned directly to the team with the necessary knowledge to resolve them.

Work with us

HPC Roles


Designs and carries out the marketing strategy of the company. Branding of the company. Social networks and online presence.


Sells projects (consulting, installation, support, combined or separately). Decides prices and margins, collaborations and partnership.


Technical assessment on the sales phase. Understands the client technical requirements and supports to sell the best solution.

Project management

Coordinates all the people involved (client, technicians, providers, deliveries, etc.) Prepares a project calendar (project plan) and makes sure it is followed.

HPC architect

Designs the HPC system: both HW and SW. Processor, servers, racks, networks, OS, cluster and workload manager, interfaces, etc.

HPC engineer

Executes the installation: racking and cabling, provisioning, installation with EB or Spack. Application optimization and benchmarking.

Support agent

Addresses users difficulties and technical questions. Monitors the platform. Intervenes if something goes wrong.

Corporate structure

  • Direction
    • David Tur, Ph.D.
  • Administration
    • Ana Ruth Reizábal
    • Elmarie Andrews
  • HR
    • Soraya Chacón
  • Marketing
    • Susana Hernández, Ph.D.
  • Sales
    • Marc Espín


  • CTO / Tech Advisor
    • Jordi Blasco
  • Project Management
    • Cecilia Del Tedesco
  • Operations
    • Salvador Martín
    • Jorge Florit
    • Sergi Labernia
    • Jesús Sanmiguel
    • Jonney Huang
    • Alberto García, Ph.D.
    • Víctor González
    • Pau Balbàs
    • Josep Tuñí
    • Pedro García
    • Fermín Robledillo
  • Customer Services
    • Alfred Gil, Ph.D.
    • Majo Benítez
    • Pau Ruiz
    • Danilo González, Ph.D.
    • Erica Bianco, Ph.D.
    • Maicon Faria, Ph.D.
    • Francisco José González
    • Aurelio Rodriguez, Ph.D.
    • Iván Díaz, Ph.D.
    • José Torres
    • Guillem de Vallés, Ph.D.
    • Carlos Hernández
    • Helena Vela
    • Joan Aluja Oraá
    • Arturo Gimeno
    • Guillermo Piccoli, Ph.D.
    • Evgeniia Golovina, Ph.D.
    • Lorenzo D'Amore, Ph.D.
    • Killian Smith
    • Leah Han
  • Research, Development & Innovation
    • Elisabeth Ortega, Ph.D.
    • Pedro Fernández, Ph.D.
    • Alex García
    • Christian Bustelo
    • Nádia Figueiredo
    • Neeraj Kulhari
    • Víctor Machado

Why working at HPCNow!

  • Technical oriented company
  • Independent company
  • 100% remote work
  • Strong growth of the company
  • At the forefront of technology
  • Innovation and research in HPC
  • Multinational & multicultural
  • Team building
working at HPCNow!


Parc Tecnològic
Marie Curie, 8 08042 Barcelona
+34 931640488
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NZ Office

Level 8
139 Quay Street
1010 - Auckland (New Zealand)
+64 (0) 22 344 2801


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