Barcelona, January 5th 2017 — HPCNow! and SchedMD have signed a strategic partner agreement in order to provide Level 1 and Level 2 Slurm support services to both government and commercial entities.

Developed by the company SchedMD, Slurm is a free, open source workload management software that has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of HPC. Government labs, universities, and businesses around the world use Slurm.

As a company specialized in HPC, HPCNow! has developed business relationships which have enabled the development and deployment of complete HPC solutions to many customers. Several of these entities have installed Slurm software on their computer systems and are in need of Slurm support of varying types and degrees. HPCNow! Slurm support personnel will provide Level 1 and Level 2 Slurm support services to those entities. On the other hand, SchedMD will provide the required consulting and assistance for the Level 3 support.

HPC infrastructures typically come with expectations of high utilization from the end users and management in order to ensure a strong return of investment. When a bug or complex technical issue is encountered it can take days or even weeks to solve the issue in house. With this agreement, the end users systems will be covered by a support contract in which the HPCNow! technical staff will help to resolve these complex issues in order to ensure an optimal performance and uptime.


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