Barcelona, March 30th 2023 – The National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted from 23rd to 24th March the kick-off meeting of MultiXscale project, one of the new 10 Centres of Excellence funded by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) to support research and innovation actions that will develop and adapt HPC applications for the exascale and post-exascale era.

Previous to the meeting, carried out in two-days work sessions, a press conference was organized for journalists of different media, where Matej Praprotnik, the project coordinator underlined the goals of MultiXscale: to increase the performance, productivity, and portability (“the three P’s”) of software and workflows for the full spectrum of scientists working in the field of multiscale simulation. It will shoulder much of the technical burden of developing and disseminating domain-relevant applications for (pre-)exascale by co-designing applications for exascale technologies and providing exascale-oriented libraries and services.

“We are just a piece in a puzzle of a much larger picture, so what EuroHPC is funding is the creation of an ecosystem around a large set of computing resources”, stated Alan O’Cais, from the University of Barcelona, and explained that the responsibility taken within this project “is making sure that the tools that scientists use on a day to day are functionally well, and this has enormous implications, not just for scientists because they will get the answers quicker, but also means that we save power. The resources we use are very expensive in terms of things like electricity. If we can make sure that people are running on the most efficient way possible, we can save a lot of energy”.   

Funded for a period of four years, MultiXscale gathers the following 13 partners joining from the academic and industrial sectors across Europe: National Institute of Chemistry, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, University of Stuttgart, University of Barcelona, SURF BV, University of Groningen, Ghent University, University of Bergen, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Sorbonne University, HPCNow!, Leonardo and the Italian Institute of Technology. 

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