The maintenance and storage of computing systems is an indispensable task during their life cycle. For this reason, we offer our technical support service, suitable for the management of any type of HPC architecture, from SMP systems to Infiniband clusters or hybrid architectures including GPUs or co-processors. We advise system administrators on the optimal configuration of all tools involved in cluster management. In addition, we work close to them in the field to resolve any technical issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide technical support for the most widely used parallel file systems on supercomputers, such as Lustre or BeeGFS. In both HPC systems and high availability clusters, this is a critical component when it comes to high performance. Therefore, we advise on the most suitable file system for the client’s needs and take care of its installation and optimization in order to enhance its maximum performance.

Furthermore, our technicians have a solid scientific background and extensive experience in dealing with users of computing systems. This knowledge enables us to provide the best support to the user, advising and resolving any technical difficulty that may arise during the use of simulation software on a supercomputer.

Support Hour Pack

For those customers who need punctual support, technical support hour packages are offered by HPCNow! specialized technicians through ticketing tools and/or phone support. The minimum package is 10 hours and it has an expiration date of three months.

Support Agreements

In cases where the support must be more sustained, we negotiate service-level agreement (SLA) with the actions to be performed by the technicians precisely delimited. In this way, we offer the client the most appropriate solution to solve issues in the most efficient way without the worry of having specific HPC technicians on staff.

Managed Services

To efficiently manage systems in HPC environments, remote administration managed services are offered, performed by means of secure and auditable mechanisms.

It consists on outsourcing total or partial of the company’s infrastructure and personnel when necessary; for example, when an intensive use of the infrastructure is required to supply the needed resources to the rest of the business areas. These HPC managed services integrate the personnel, processes, and technology required for its proper functioning, remotely and via the use of monitoring software that controls the functions performed and connects with the servers and services needed by the company.

Remote administration responsibilities include hardware and security monitoring, backups, user and group management, software installation and updating, as well as user support, all using methodologies, procedures, and programs that help minimize service downtime and optimize computing resources. By doing so, the company can concentrate on its business strategy.


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