We analyze HPC systems through extensive audits to enhance performance and user experience. With the audit’s results, we suggest the necessary changes to the system to get better procedures, performance and, consequently, return on investment.

We advise on the possible execution of workloads in remote environments (Cloud or Bare metal providers), in order to improve downtimes of local environments and, thus, shorten the life cycles of user’s projects. 

One of the distinguishing features of HPCNow! is that we are experts in both, the IT and users. We have full confidence in the HPC solutions we propose to our customers. We are sure they will meet your expectations.

Solution Design

We have a wide knowledge of new hardware technologies and new software strategies, which allow us to provide you with the best solutions to advance in your work. We are agnostic both in the selection of hardware and software. Since we are not tied to a specific manufacturer, it lets us to select the best solution for the client or to participate in public tenders as independent consultants.

Before designing a hardware solution, we analyze the code to be executed by carrying out representative benchmarks in different configurations. Based on the results, we make a market study to offer the best value that meets all the requirements.


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