Computer simulations are an increasingly necessary tool in production processes, both in public and private organizations and companies, in science, and in engineering. The objective of HPCNow!’s constitution is accompanying the client through the process of selection and implementation of the infrastructure that better meets its computing needs. The HPC tools implemented by HPCNow! facilitate the computing machines management, obtaining the maximum possible performance and guaranteeing data security.

HPCNow! offers turnkey HPC solutions consisting of an optimal combination of hardware and software that allows users to use it as a single tool that would enhance their day-to-day work.

We design, provide, install, and maintain all necessary hardware and software to always have a computing cluster ready. We propose solutions as (without excluding custom tailored designs):


Scientific & Engineering Applications: Quantum Espresso, Gaussian, OpenFOAM, Ansys, Abaqus… More than 100 references. Contact us for further information
Remote Visualization: TurboVNC, VirtualGL, Websocket, DCV, X2Go
HPC Portal: EnginFrame


Parallel File System: BeeGFS, Lustre, GPFS
User Environment: User libraries, Modules, EasyBuild, Spack
Development Tools: Compilers: GNU, Intel, PGI, IBM XL compilers; Debuggers and profilers:  V-Tune, DDT, GDB
Monitoring & Alerts Tools: Ganglia, Nagios, Icinga, Grafana, Elasticsearch


System Software
Batch Scheduler: Slurm, LSF, PBS, Torque, SGE
Cluster Manager: sNow!, Bright Computing, xCat, Rocks, OpenHPC
Containers: Singularity, Docker, Docker Swarm, LXD


HPC Cluster: Login nodes, management nodes, computing nodes, visualization nodes, switches, cabling, rack, PDU…
HPC Workstations: High-performance workstations, integration of the stations with the HPC cluster
Pay-per-use HPC Resources: Access to remote pay-per-use resources (Software as a service)
Hybrid HPC Cluster: Integration of local resources with remote resources



Parc Tecnològic
Marie Curie, 8 08042 Barcelona
+34 931640488
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NZ Office

61 Kahawairahi Drive
2018 - Auckland (New Zealand)
+64 (0) 22 344 2801


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