Barcelona, February 22nd 2016 — The Centro de Computación Científica de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (CCC-UAM) selects the proposal submitted by Omega Peripherals and HPCNow! for the supply and installation of a scientific and technical supercomputing system and the expansion and upgrade of the Lustre storage system.

The solution for the supercomputing system is based on Lenovo System X density servers and it’s equipped with 30 computing nodes configured with two 8 core Intel Xeon 2630 V3 processors, 64 GB of memory, a 1 TB SATA disk and Infiniband FDR connectivity.

The infrastructure that accommodates the disks for the expansion of the storage system includes two Lenovo S3200 cabins with a 12 GB cache that offer a total performance of up to 240.000 IOPS and an access speed greater than 6 GB/s, as well as four Lenovo Storage E1012 expansion trays. This infrastructure will offer the CCC-UAM storage system an extension of 128 TB.

The Lustre upgrade involves updating from Lustre 2.3 to Lustre 2.7.0, the latest version currently available. As its main advantages, Lustre provides high scalability in both performance and storage capacity and can distribute large files across multiple nodes. In addition the solution is configured in high-availability, thus ensuring that there is no single point of failure in the system in order to maintain the infrastructure’s uptime above the 99%.

The implementation of the supplied equipment and the installation of the Lustre solution was carried out by the HPCNow! team, which has an extensive experience in the installation and setup of servers in scientific environments.


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